Flatbox DrinX - Grey / Blue


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The FlatBox DrinX has everything you need — it carries your food and drink, unzips into a convenient placemat, and is machine-washable.


  • The FlatBox DrinX is fully machine-washable, allowing you to rid it completely of germs and allergens between each use.
  • No more awkwardly stuffing your water bottle inside your lunch bag or leaving it behind — this FlatBox can hold it for you.
  • The FlatBox DrinX is 100% neoprene and has insulating properties that will keep your food hot or cold.

It will be hard to use other lunch bags ever again after you’ve had time with the FlatBox DrinX. This cool lunch box carries your food and drink, and then unzips into a handy placemat, which will be entirely germ-free if you’ve taken advantage of the FlatBox’s machine-wash compatibility. Order your FlatBox DrinX today!

* NOTE: Water bottle not included