Lovepop - Greeting Card - Flower Basket

The front of this pale purple cover features a laser cut arrangement of colorful, blooming flowers, accompanied by blue and orange butterflies. Upon opening this beautiful card, a basket appears full of luscious vibrant flowers and greenery. The wicker basket sits on top of a white doily, used to decorate the pale blue tabletop. A few butterfly friends rest on top of the floral arrangement, taking a quick pause before fluttering away.

Inspiration for the Flower Basket card:
Our designer Jozef wanted to try something new with the Flower Basket design. "We have a lot of floral cards that are either in vases or in the ground, but we don't have anything in a basket currently," Jozef said. "I thought it would be nice to have a floral arrangement like this in time for both Mother's Day and spring!" We agree, Jozef!