Musee - Mushroom Bath Bomb Set


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Bring a little whimsy to your bath with this adorable mushroom shaped gift set. This set features five 4 oz. bath bombs with magical treasures in each bomb!
    • Count of 5
    • Treasures: Resin Whimsical Characters
    • Contains: Tea tree essential oil, jojoba oil
    • Paraben, sulfate + cruelty free
  • Who says only kids get to play with toys in the tub? Adults can get in on the fun with this tranquil toadstool bath-bomb set that reveals hidden treasures inside.

    • Each set includes 5 bath bombs playfully housed in a spotted mushroom.
    • When dropped in the tub, each fizzing orb will dissolve to reveal an adorable nature-inspired figurine.
    • Every bomb is made with jojoba and tea-tree essential oils to help you relax with every soothing breath.
    • Made in Mississippi.


    10 1/2" L x 10 1/2x3" W


    Bath Bombs
    Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Jojoba oil, Tea tree essential oil, fragrance oil, coloreze