SOAK Bath Co - 🍻 Here For The Beer 🍻 - Limited Run

Here for the Beer Soap is not only fun to gift but was an amazing soap bar to make! SOAK Bath Co has made a limited run batch of Here for the Beer soap bars with, you guessed it, actual beer. Yes, such magical things are possible in the soap world! The base of this soap bar is made with a light lager beer and gives the bar it’s beautiful tan colour. Just in time for BBQ season and Father’s Day up ahead this Here for the Beer soap bar smells just like your favourite, frothy summer time drink! 🍺 Like all SOAK Bath Co soap bars, the label on the Here for the Beer Soap Bar is made of biodegradable, plantable seed paper. So you can plant the label and it will grow into wildflowers 🌱 Making this bar entirely zero waste and eco friendly. Bar Care: When you're ready to use your bar, slice it into three separate pieces. Use one sliver at a time while keeping the other pieces dry. This will help lengthen the life of your bar. Grab a Soap Saver Tray to help keep your bar at it's driest bet