The Office, Close Your Mouth Sweetie


Phyllis suffers no fools. This quote comes from Season 5 where she runs into Pam in the breakroom. Phyllis accuses Pam of stealing her clients and caught off guard Pam responds: “Oh, I um…” then Phyllis retorts: “Close your mouth sweetie you look like a trout.”

All of our stickers are professionally printed with the best materials to ensure a high-quality and durable sticker. Our sticker is water and weather resistant, which makes it the perfect decorative item for your water bottle, laptop, outdoor gear, and anything in between. Additionally, because of its kiss-cut design, it’s easy to remove this sticker from the protective film.

Product Specifics:

  • Sticker Size: 1.75-3" — depends on sticker design
  • Backsheet Size: 3 x 4
  • Water & weather resistant
  • This product is printed and manufactured in the U.S.A.