Wrendale - Daphne Guinea Plush - Medium


Inspired by ‘Grinny Pig’, the illustrated character by Hannah Dale, Daphne Guinea Pig is attentive, sweet-tempered and gentle.

Curl up with this cuddly plush character guinea pig. Daphne features a soft, fluffy beige coat of fur with a cream belly. Her little paws are a baby pink colour, and she has little beady black eyes. She is complete with the Wrendale logo stitched to one of his feet.

Daphne is made from high quality, soft and tactile fabrics to capture the likeness of a guinea pig and each plush animal comes with a little tag with information about the character;

Daphne is an animal lover through and through. Her first pet was a snail named Alfred and as a child, she was well known for bringing home abandoned spiders and rescuing stray mice. On her gap year, daphne trekked through the rainforests of Madagascar and helped to set up a community centre for retired chameleons. Daphne’s idea of the perfect evening would be watching a David Attenborough documentary snuggled up by the log fire with a takeaway.

Snuggle up anytime for a hug with this adorable soft toy guinea pig. When she’s not being cuddled, she will sit up on a chair or your shelf thanks to the beans in her bottom. Daphne Guinea Pig is an adorable companion for anyone, perfect to give as a gift for a friend or loved one at Christmas, a birthday or to show them you care.