Wrendale - Coffee, Sugar & Tea Set


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This stunning set of three canisters from Wrendale designs each features a different animal illustration in the beautiful watercolour style that Wrendale is known for. With every brushstroke visible, they are each painted in soft brown and fawn tones with gentle speckling adorning the background and areas around each animal.

The set features a tea canister which is adorned with illustrations of hares, a coffee canister featuring owls and a sugar canister showcasing stags. Each one has an illustrated push on lid which is surrounded by a pale grey ring, printed with text that relates to the product inside the tin. The same border and working can also be seen at the bottom of each piece as well as on the inside wall alongside more of Wrendale’s stunning illustrations.  Finishing each product off is a ‘Shopping List’ printed on the base of the tin which is only visible when empty, reminding you to buy more tea, coffee or tea!